I end my blog here

Check my new blog out!!! It's a video blog/normal blog :) I will try to update it more often xD


Thanks for this time ! haha

plastic #67


ok... Im in Japan! wooo! haha...

the weather pretty much sucks and today its raining too XD my usual luck...

but over all, its good and i met Alexander Rybak at the airport in Amsterdam XD weird... haaha...

and i cant type normally cuz i somehow made the text go CAPS, and i have to press SHIFT now when i type to make it small xD haha...

photo from Japan^^

today is karaoke + star cafe... I hope it will be a good night^^

yesterday was my bday!!!! Seiji surprised me with a strawberry cake^^ om nom nom... had it for breakfast today as well xD haha

plastic #66


I'm going away to my graduation party now :) It's a dress-up party, and I'm going as a princess^^

Here's a little peek of what I look like^^

plastic #65


I haven't written for some days, sorry sorry xo

Anyways, this week is so stressful! So many things to do... I won't tell you all of them, cuz that would take forever ;) Some of the things I've already done tho is that I've washed all my clothes (so I can pack for Japan), I have PACKED my clothes, written an essay, gone to the hospital, gone to the bank (2 times), gone to the post office, been shopping for Japan, etc etc... Still got lots to go though ^^

The weather is so weird lately... One day it's +15C and sunny as hell, and the next day it's -2C and snow... WHAT?! Come on spring, COOOME!! Can't wait for the snow to be gone ;A;

3 more days until I sit on the plane for Japan :) wooo!

I'm flying alone this time, does anyone know what I can do on the plane to not get too bored? Never been flying that long alone before, so I don't know what I should do : / No one to talk to xo

Got any tips???

plastic #64


I woke up at 9 today because I don't need to be in school early today :) I'm just gonna hang my photos for my exhibition tomorrow!! I am sooo nervous! haha. What if it won't look good? What if no one likes it?!?! ;A; muuuu

It's rather warm today (about 3 C wooo xD) and later tonight me and my dad will go to dinner at some restaurant with my grandparents. I hope it will be nice~

I've decided to start a diet from this day until I go to Japan haha. I feel like I've gained alot, and I need to get rid of some at least! :)

Haha stupid webcam photo now before I go to school :)

plastic #63

Today is a special day

Today is a very special day to me... Well, actually this day and tomorrow. One year ago I got a call from my dad saying my mother went to the hospital. One day after, she passed away.

So this day, my dad and I went to make the grave pretty :) It was so hard to do it though since the snow is so high. But I think it became very pretty! I arranged it and my dad took a photo... I will show the photo later once he sends it to me ^-^

This is, I think, my favorite photo of me and my mother. I look stupid, but it's a very nice photo. We both look happy and I think it shows that we were very close.

plastic #62

Oh well

So I actually changed my hair style! Somewhat at least... I cut bangs ;) haha... I don't know if I like it or not, some people say it looks horrible and some people totally love it... And since I usually go by people's opinions, I'm confused!!!

I don't know... But I guess I'll keep it for a while!! And actually, it can be changed into another hairstyle too!

This one!

So which one is better? Me, I feel more comfortable with option number two, but I somehow think number one looks better...

I also dyed my underhair more light, and im trying step by step to make it blonde :) Just like the rest of my hair!


plastic #61

heh... omg

I'm so sorry xD I can see that people keep viewing my blog and I've been SUCH a bad blogger!!!!

And it's not that nothing has happened, because ALOT has!! Christmas and New Years went by, I went to England, i got visitors etc etc... I don't really see any use in writing about that though, but maybe I'll upload some photos in the future :)

Today I found a really weird, yet cute and good song on youtube. It's in Norwegian and it's about a boy in Thailand.

I somehow like the norwegian version better, but this is the english one! For you English speakers ;) hoho

I'll go to Japan next week, and I'll stay for two weeks (March 28 - April 10), and I promise to keep you updated ^-^

plastic #60


Isn't this just too cute? I just got a flower delivery some minutes ago! Isn't this pretty? :33 totally xmas-ish! It's from my old bosses at my old work^^ To me and my dad :) Thank youuuu!

Happy happy^^ Sorry about the double post though!

plastic #59

Hoho Holidays

I'm a bad person who doesn't update the blog as much as I should... So here's my summary of the past few days!
First, it has SNOWED soooo much!!! Like half a meter! It's pretty sick :P But I'm happy we will have a white xmas this year^^ This photo is some days old, and we have at least twice as much snow now!! It's kinda pretty though^^

Me, my dad and my sister made even more xmas candy!!! We made around 4 different things, and it took the whole day!



And mix 8D

and into tins :)

Hoho Knäck<3<3

and cutie Busan helped of course ;)

Dad and I went with my aunt and her husband the same night to eat a lovely xmas dinner at a nice restaurant. It was some seafood theme, which suited us perfectly ;)

Dad and meee... I can't say im blessed with photographically gifted relatives xD hahaha

Good that I'm there to take OK photos ;) This is my aunt and her husband

The food was good and I ate ALOT... haha xD

Then on Monday we went to the vet with my cutie cat Busan to get her sterilized... She's 12 year old, but we haven't had the money to get it done before. Everything went well though, and she was very very dizzy yesterday^^* She still doesn't like the thing she has on her head, and she has some problems eating... I have to feed her from my hand every time^^*

She's adorable though xD I will take better photos later haha

plastic #58

Many days at the same day!

I have been soooo bad at updating my blog lately!! That's mostly because I have been a little busy with school, xmas presents etc etc... But my Xmas holiday started yesterday!! So now I'll be having more time^___^

During Tuesday and Wednesday, my school had a political role playing game about the climate, just like they have at the moment in Copenhagen. Me and 5 other people represented Mother Russia ;) haha I held the opening speech, and actually got nominated for the best one :) That made me happy ^___^

Then yesterday we had our last day at school^^ We went to listen to people talking, people singing etc... We also had the TEG Music Awards :) Congrats to the winners!!!! After that, we went back to the school to talk to our teachers etc... And as usual we had to sing xmas songs with my teacher Erik ;) He brought his son too, so we had to sing songs for children, and dance xD haha

After that, I went shopping a bit! I bought a dress and a pair of shorts at KappAhl^^ They're cute but the sizes are just stupid... I had to buy the dress in size 146/152 which is for 10-12 year old kids... Sucks

Then back to today! Today the weather is loooovely^___^ sooo sunny and pretty. Not snowing or anything! Only stupid thing is that it is so cold... -8C xD haha... but oh so pretty :)

On Monday, something horrible will happen!!! We're gonna take my cat Busan to the vet... to sterilize her!!! haha it's good to finally get it done... She's 12 years old now, so it's about time^^* I hope everything goes well ;A; She's cute at least... lol

Haha I look great right now ;) Just woke up... hahaha

But I'm soooooo annoyed xD I've had to rewrite everything like 35456 times, and the photo uploader hasn't worked!!! is really annoying sometimes... blah... this has taken me like an hour... seriously

Also, maybe I'll start uploading photos in a bigger size... These might be a bit small? Maybe bigger photos would look better... hmmm

plastic #57

Candy for the cutest

So I made candy :3 marzipan and chocolate^^ We used pink, green and white marzipan, dark, normal and white chocolate^^ We rolled the marzipan into balls and dipped them into the chocolate^^

yumyum :)

plastic #56


Oh My God xD This kid is the cutest little kiddie ever!! I will seriously marry him one day (or maybe adoption is closer xD). He is so fucking cute, and sooo talented! I just can't stop watching him :) Charming *^^*

What do you think???

plastic #55


I made xmas candy today with my dad :) I will show photos later^^ And I just came home from dropping off my sister at the boat terminal haha... We'll make more candy next weekend, my dad, sister and me^^

right now im also writing on a report... bleh, so boring :P haha... but i need to get it done^^

plastic #54

Chef Engla

Yesterday I ordered christmas presents for over 900 SEK haha... Until now, I think I've spent over 2500 SEK on gifts, which is pretty much... bleh :P But!!! It's worth it^^

Today I came home to an empty house. My dad is with his work to see the musical "Cats" :P So I took the time to bake gingerbreads!! :) It's actually the first time I've done it alone, because I always used to do it with my mother. But this time I was all alone, and I'm proud of myself xD

^^ they became perfect! haha ;)

After that, I actually cooked xD usually when I'm home alone, I don't eat at all because I don't really like cooking for myself... But today I did it! I made noodles with curry chicken^^ Pretty good actually, very easy haha!

Today my weekend actually started! No school tomorrow due to "Lucia"... It's a holiday in Sweden (it's actually on December 13, but in my school we celebrate it tomorrow).

This weekend I'll just do fun things! I'll by the final christmas gifts, wrap everything in and bake more^^ haha

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